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Doug and Jane - 12/01/00 13:30:06
My Email:careerd@frii.com

It was great to see you last week in Lanai. You two are real inspirations to people who want to change their lives for the better. Really enjoy-ed the web site. Please stay in touch, and we will see next time we are in Hawaii. Is this your e-mail address? Love, Doug and Janey

Ferg - 10/09/00 16:34:46
My Email:fergbone@hotmail.com

hi cous's... great website... have to add a photo album to mine to make it easier for people to decode my globewritting like you have done!!!! see ya soon,,, i need the letter... ferg

Carole - 10/08/00 19:57:31
My Email:chorse@maui.net

Hi Camille and Bob- Wow your own web site. I enjoyed every bit of it. You know I lived on Guam from 1986 - 1989 I had a different experience altogether. BUT I could see the trend.

Sarah Armstrong - 10/05/00 10:40:36
My Email:sjlarmstrong@hotmail.com

Hi Camille and Bob Your website is great and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It reminded me of the wonderful peace at MET and also of some of the horrors of the so- called "civilised" world (PRC). I am going to be in Hawaii on 16 October this year and am wondering if you w uld like to meet up? You may have already guessed that I have left your email address on my work computer to which I now have no access. Please write asap with your email. Love to you both. Sarah

Jan Fong-Otani - 08/28/00 06:44:52
My Email:Peppymom1@aol.com

It'll take me a while to navigate these pages. Thanks for inspiring me to greater things. I miss you both a heck of a lot and am thrilled that you continue to share your wonderful travels with those of us rooted to one spot.

Mark - 07/16/00 21:37:50
My URL:http://www.imsa.edu/~marmantr
My Email:marmantr@home.com

Thanks for visiting my site, Bob! (that was a month ago, just no finally getting back to you :) I like to search on the web, too. But I don't know enough about that side of the family to know who might be related. - Mark A.

Bill Bradley - 06/22/00 02:27:46
My Email:bbrad757@aol.com

Bob & Camille - Great website! We love the pictures. I wish I had the guts to do what you're doing, but I think I'm too addicted to the big company thing. BC Bill

Kevin - 05/30/00 14:02:00
My Email:kkudrna@ball.com

Very interesting stuff. I liked your mission statement. It made me think that everyone should have a mission statement? I hope to make it to the islands some year. Thats one place I always wanted to go. It was nice to talk to you the other day. I ho e you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. Stay having way to much fun!!

Emily - 05/04/00 03:28:46
My Email:emgirl2000@hotmail.com

great webpage!

Michael Clingan - 04/11/00 23:17:26
My URL:http://www.gmcsolutions.com
My Email:mclingan@gmcsolutions.com

Too bad about Guam. I remember a few American military ghettos while growing up but Guam takes the cake. Nature adores a vacuum: when one culture is destroyed another, another will fill its place. And its not that the redeeming parts of US culture are ít available Ė itís just that they donít offer such an easy path. It was great to talk with you again Ė it sounds like the adventure is only beginning.

Mom Illo - 03/29/00 03:48:01

I thought I would stop off and take a tour of your dreamland. Such beautiful places I just travelled to. What a lovely way to end the day. Must climb into bed and see you in dreamland, Dears.Thanks for making our lives so interesting. Love, Mom and Dad

Pat Richardson - 03/10/00 23:43:08
My Email:pat.richardson@longandfoster.com

Hi Guys, You have been everywhere since we last talked! Patrick and I miss the wonderful care that you gave him and the peace of mind that you gave me. I was in Kauai from Feb.4-11 this year. Sorry I didn't know that you were on one of the islands. My plan is to return next year. Maybe we can make a connection. Your site is wonderful. Pat

Conan - 02/29/00 01:17:44
My Email:conan@armantrout.com

The tales of China were wonderful! I spent some time with wu shu some years back before I went into the navy but the closest I ever really got to their culture was a film about Master PAN, called Iron & Silk. It is encouraging to hear about good experienc s from westerners traveling in the east. I'm still thirsting for more information on Belize. What happened with the business? Why did you choose to leave? Were you planning on expanding your web presentation covering your time there? Just wondering. Oh yeah and kudos on the exodus from Guam. t is a sadly and seriously ill environment. ketch ya L8ers };^P

Jeff Mueller - 02/16/00 19:48:28
My Email:jeff_mueller@mksinst.com

Excellent Web site and great prose. Love your observations of Gaum and look forward to the second edition. Sounds as though China was a good experience. Sheila and I both miss you and Camille. Alice is growing like a weed and Anna is starting to learn she has hands.

Tim Earing - 02/02/00 17:41:24
My Email:Tim_Earing@JDEdwards.com

Excellent way to keep in touch guys! Thanks for the e-mail and I'll talk with you soon.

Karen Osbourn - 01/25/00 21:25:07
My Email:karen.osbourn@trw.com

I miss you guys! Take care, Karen

Barb & Ken - 01/22/00 18:55:01
My URL:http://www.2Kerwin.com
My Email:US@2Kerwin.com

Back again... great stuff! We have a lot of photos from our time on the islands. Wouldn't trade them for the world.

Barb & Ken Kerwin - 12/25/99 16:28:57
My URL:http://www.2Kerwin.com
My Email:US@22Kerwin.com

Back for another try... Merry Christmas 12/25/99

Stefanie Brendl - 11/01/99 23:04:09
My URL:http://www.seatoskyproductions.com
My Email:StefanieBr@compuserve.com

Hey fishes ! Great Website ! Can't wait to read your comments about that cursed rock Guam. See you Thursday. Stef

Ann Lipp - 10/30/99 12:51:03
My Email:calipp@widomaker.com

On the eve of Halloween 1999, I am remembering our famous Treat or Trick Ride. I miss our walks and chats, but I'm so glad for e-mail. sorry, I've not kept up my end of the writing, due to my ineptness at the computer. I enjoyed the photo album of Hawa i. Can't believe how the girls have grown! You both look very happy there. Maybe this is IT!

Jewelynn Kapuamohala Yun Lun Lee-Kirkland - 10/28/99 23:07:01
My Email:Jewelynn.Lee@Bergenbrunswig.com

Aloha, great website. Such creativeness. 'Oahu has found people who appreciates the beauty and subtleness that it has to offer to ALL OF US. Glad that you found it. Ahui Hou (Until Later) Malama Pono (Take Care) Jewel

K2 - 10/08/99 23:36:11
My URL:http://2kerwin.com
My Email:us@2kerwin.com

super stuff!

Barb & Ken Kerwin - 10/07/99 12:26:25
My URL:http://2kerwin.com
My Email:US@2Kerwin.com

Look forward to more! Enjoyed seeing the photos and knowing you are having a good time. Stay a while and you may get company!

Jon Barkich - 09/20/99 13:14:19
My Email:barkicjl@westinghouse.com

Hi! It was great to talk to you the other day (9-19-99). I like the pictures of the family as well as the scenery. You've inspired me to put together a site (I will include bonus pictures which will include things like cars, buildings, and pavement, th ugh - ha-ha). How about putting in a link to the TASIS web site? Jon

Karen Osbourn - 09/09/99 17:23:03

e-mail - karen.osbourn@lucasvarity.com Ruthann and I are bored the system is down for the second day. So this has allowed us to look at your website. Bob it was great to hear from you the other day. By the way today's date is 9-9-99!!! Take care, Karen and Ruthann

Chris Hare - 09/03/99 20:50:53
My Email:cbhare@csi.com

Travel book next stop? Where next? Super site and sights - drop in if you're passing. Best wishes Chris & Sally

MAHLON BUNCH - 08/26/99 18:43:25


Jenny - 08/25/99 03:13:59
My Email:jeniferjuniper@hotmail.com

Your photos are so well chosen . . . breathtaking! Making me wanderlusty once again . . . I must suppress those urges now that the loans have kicked-in! (I'm still on the five-year plan!) Thank you for the refreshing reminders, and sharing your family's adventures. The children are BEAUTIFUL! (I'm the eldest of 3 girls, so Emily and I will get along famously!) Much Love! Jenny

Tony Chen - 08/17/99 03:23:45

Jim Coughenour and I were treated to a steamed fish at lunch in China recently, he asked me what fish it was, at the time I didn't know because our host could only give me the Chinese name....after checking with a more knowledgeable friend in HK I found o t it was a Trout. No kidding! Can't wait to see the next chapter of your adventure.....Fiji? Australia??

Jenny Briggs - 08/09/99 04:27:14

You guys blow me away!!! (: Keep up the adventure-seeking! Many warm regards, Jen

Margie Klitch - 06/28/99 23:45:27
My Email:mklitch@ensr.com

Thanks for sending me the URL to your website. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new things you add! Margie P.S. Will forward your e-mail home (computer is now fixed), so the rest of the family can enjoy!

Becky Gill - 06/17/99 13:24:35
My Email:blu@adelphia.net

WOW!!!!this is what I want to do when the kids are 18!!!!.....I could'nt stop reading it.....I can't wait for the next adventure story....boy you look pretty good for 40 Bob!!!....and I thought Florida was crowded....keep writing...

Michael Clingan - 06/09/99 22:53:53
My URL:http://gmcsolutions.com
My Email:mclingan@gmcsolutions.com

Great site guys!! You're living the un-American dream. Bob may qualify as the most evolved MBA in the world. Great shots of Camille with the horses - no translators needed there. How about a bit of the wisdom and insight gained on these real world adv ntures? Don't be a weenie!

Kevin - 05/03/99 22:44:46
My Email:kkudrna

Yes, It's great! Reading your article about Belize made me want to go back to the rain forest. I am leaving next month for Costa Rica.

DENNIS GRANNAN - 04/29/99 11:35:35


- 04/25/99 15:39:46

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to know about China. I would love to see this home country of my father one of these days. Good luck and have fun. ....Joselyn

Ruthann - 04/21/99 16:14:58

I love it.

Scott Alan Ferguson - 04/14/99 05:07:47
My URL:http://www.computerscc.com/ferguson
My Email:ferguson@techline.com

hi bob and camille!!! great start,, i've still got to finish my own personal page but at least i got the money maker working!!! just bought another 10 acres to develop so will at that to the web site,,, will plan on seeing you this fall and checking out my saipan tax dodge!!! hope it works,,, will also try to see mike and susie plus the mandatory thailand feast... almost have the beach house done,, sure takes a long time to get anything done here,,, kind of like mexico or any third world country in that way, only at usa prices!!! best to yo cous's,,, Scott

Rob and Sharyl Haas - 04/10/99 00:20:47


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